Our History


VUMC was founded in 1873 by Solomon Pace, the son of Hardy Pace, an earlier settler and large landowner, R.N, McAfee and H.I. Randall Sr.  The Church held their first services in a small house owned by Mr. Solomon on Paces Ferry Road near the existing railroad tracks.

In 1900, the house was torn down and the church erected their first building with the first Vinings School conducting classes in the lower level.  On November 30, 1941, the old building was completely destroyed by fire.  By the following Sunday, the church had made arrangements with Cobb County to use the new Vinings School House as their temporary place of worship.  Years later, when the county auctioned off the building, the church bought it and it became their permanent church building.

In 1995 vandals completely ransacked the building, painting satanic symbols and swastikas on every wall, the pulpit, lectern, pews and carpet.  The entire building was sprayed with the contents of several fire extinguishers.  Equipment was destroyed and the fellowship hall was doused with kerosene.  This hideous act sparked a community-wide response that resulted in the complete remodeling of the church’s building both inside and out and a recommitment by the church to be in ministry in the place called Vinings.

Since then, the church has celebrated time and again many marriages, births, new members, miraculous answers to prayer and a new spark of community and mission enthusiasm.  Poised on the brink of this hill, filled with passion, the church jumped at outreach opportunities given.  VUMC seeks to fulfill the mission statement of the church: Making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.  Vinings United Methodist is the Village Church not only of today, but also tomorrow.